Don’t be Scammed By Asian Prostitutes Posing as Members of Dating Sites

If you are a member of an Asian Dating Site, there is a real possibility that you will run into Asian Prostitutes that are posing as website members. Most sites and services focused on Asia have methods of reporting such activity.

Basically, there are some things that you have to be aware of. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that many people use dating sites to try to perpetuate scams of some sort.

Some scams try to get money from you where others might try to trick you into a relationship under false pretenses. The sad truth of the matter is that there are some prostitution scams that try to use online dating to feed their gimmick. This is becoming more and more common on Asian dating sites where some people go looking for a fetish.

But how frustrating is it to the person who is seeking a genuine long-lasting relationship only to discover the person they have been talking to for a very long time now is actually a prostitute just trying to score a date?

Common scams


  • In The Philippines, there have been reports of a sharp rise in internet dating scams affecting citizens from the United States, Canada and Europe. Between 2009 and 2010 such scams increased by 30%. A private investigator notes, “Many Filipinas are honest, beautiful women simply looking for a better life, an opportunity to escape the poverty. Others are honestly looking for true love. Other Filipinas, and increasingly so, are looking to cash in on the profitable industry of relationship and dating scams.
  • Scams are also on the rise in China, with internet dating scams increasingly seen as lucrative money for the fraudsters. Many of the scammers aren’t Chinese at all, but are actually African or middle eastern men. There are no safety nets in China. Those who don’t have money do not eat, which means they may be more likely to resort to less than ethical tricks to obtain it. Prostitution is rife in the nation and many sex workers advertise their services on sites like DateInAsia.


Clues to look for


Some of the biggest clues to look for that will help you determine whether or not the site is legitimate include:

  • Receiving lots of pictures of women that look like models. The odds are these are random fake photos of beautiful women, and you two different women might even send you the same photograph.
  • The woman claims to be a famous actress or other celebrity. If she really is, do you think she needs to find a date online?
  • If the woman asks you to send her money so that she can buy or rent a webcam.
  • Another popular scam is the travel scam. For example, she might tell you she is a nurse who is trying to get to the United States to work in a hospital. She might even send you official looking documents including her (forged) nurse’s certificate. Then she’ll tell you she is stuck somewhere along the way and ask you for money to get her there. Don’t believe it.
  • Be wary of any of the following: if the prospective partner claims love too soon, if he/she requests money early on or often, if there are claims of financial trouble or other emergencies or if he/she claims a need for assistance with a visa, passport or flight.


Finding a legitimate Asian dating site


There are many dating sites that cater specifically to Asian dating, but you’ll want to avoid unprofessional looking sites as well as sites that look like they were just put up recently. Some sites unfortunately will be made for the sole purpose of stealing your personal information which can be just as bad as running into an Asian prostitute looking only for money.

There are many reputable sites, and while you don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount, it’s worth it to shell out a little money if you’re truly looking for a quality relationship. Remember that free sites will automatically attract a larger number of people who may not have legitimate interests in mind, and they always attract more scammers.

Important steps to determine if the site is legit


  • Does the site have a postal address and a phone number clearly listed? If an email address is the only form of contact, it may be a sign that it is not a legitimate business.
  • Make sure the domain name registration is visible. Use a reverse DNS lookup site, such as to check the WHOIS entry for the website name. If the entry is disguised and the postal address does not match the one shown on the site, you should probably avoid it.
  • Search for reviews for the site written by previous customers. If you can’t find any it may be because the site is too small, or there are not any unhappy users. People tend to write bad reviews and will not write reviews when they are satisfied as often.
  • If the site accepts credit cards it is a good sign. If they only take PayPal or Western Union payments, you should proceed with caution.
  • Sign if for a short trial first if possible. Check to see if the photos and members appear genuine.


Asian dating tips


If you’ve found a legitimate site and are ready to find an Asian date, there are a few important tips you should be aware of if you want to meet and potentially develop a successful long term relationship with your ideal woman.

  • Take cues from your date and keep in mind that most Asian women are far more conservative than their American counterparts. Always be respectful and remember that in the Chinese culture talking about sex is considered very rude and vulgar. Sex education in China is virtually unheard of and many members of both sexes have difficulties broaching the subject.  If you are too forward or even include sexual innuendos in your email conversations, you may lose out on the chance to date her.
  • On a first date, you’ll want to avoid the temptation to touch. Even hand holding is considered taboo for many Asian women. Take the time and effort needed a build a solid relationship before going in for that first kiss, the odds are it will be worth it in the long run.


  • Do be romantic. Stand out from the rest by showing that you care through listening and attentiveness. If she tells you that lilies are her favorite flower, bring her a bouquet on your first date instead of the usual dozen roses.
  • Don’t invite her out for a drink. Many Asian women don’t drink alcohol and could find it offensive. Instead, offer to go to lunch or dinner.
  • Present a very clean and neat appearance. Hygiene is everything, and if possible, be clean shaven. Clean, trimmed fingernails are a must and remember that it is better to be a little overdressed than underdressed.
  • Use your words carefully, in some Asian cultures saying “I love you” is tantamount to a marriage proposal. Just saying “I miss you,” is taken as a sign of a serious relationship.
  • Take the time to get to know her, show genuine interest in her culture and beliefs and the odds are, you’ll find that true love you’re seeking.

Asian Men are Looking for Love Too

Myths about Asian Men and Dating

There are very few groups of people that are more misunderstood when it comes to dating than Asian men. Asian men are pigeon-holed more than anyone in my view, and they are constantly facing roadblocks on the way to finding love. Not only are there myths to overcome, but also they face family pressures, traditions and other difficulties on the way to love. The simple facts are that we are all individuals and we all have our good and bad points. Asian men are no different and can be wonderful mates if given the chance. Here is a look at some of the more common myths that you might hear about Asian men and love:

Myth number one – Asian men don’t want a smart woman

Asian men are strong and they are brought up to be the man of the house. They are supposed to protect, bring home the bacon and take care of their families. This leads some of them to get a bit overzealous with their ruling authority. This is not something that is limited to Asian men, by the way. All men have this instinct. In the Asian family, however, the ability to lead your family is paramount in becoming a man.

When a woman threatens that power indirectly or directly, some Asian men will react in a poor way. Again, this is men in general really. It is because of this reputation for leading their family that Asian men are pigeonholed into the idea that they want dumb women for wives. It is ludicrous and not the case with any more Asian men than any other race.

If you are not an Asian woman and you are with an Asian man, he will want to lead the way in public. This is natural for them and a sense of pride. This does not mean he wants you to be dumb and not have a mind of your own. He simply wants to be in charge of his family unit.

Myth number two – Asian men don’t like foreign women

There is little truth to this myth as well, though it has at least some basis in truth. Asian men stick to their own race more often than other races it seems, but that is largely about tradition more than personal preference. I have known many Asian men that liked black, white and Indian women. Like any other man, an Asian man can certainly be into other types of women than only Asian women. It really depends on who they are and how they were raised. This is true also of every other race, huh?

Myth number three – Asian men don’t like big girls

The truth is, Asian men are usually rather small in stature themselves. Would it not be logical to prefer women that are smaller than themselves? When you are so small, having a big wife could look kind of silly and make things difficult to put it lightly. Asian men only prefer tiny women because they are often tiny themselves. There are plenty of Asian men, however, that debunk this myth completely. Some Asians love big women, so again it is all about personal preference. That is not an Asian thing, it is a human thing. We all have personal preferences and they have the same right to them that we do.

Myth number four – Asian men will constantly tell you what to do

This ties back in to what we were talking about earlier with the family unit. Asian men are raised from a very young age to be the head of the family. When this time comes, it is a very big deal to an Asian man. Not only will he take over as head of the family, he will also be an outstanding provider, nurturer and family man. Asian men will want to be the head of the home and a wife needs to let them do just that. It is part of their culture and a necessary part of their becoming a man. Given this, a man can lead a home without having to be mean or bossy to his wife. Keep that in mind if you have a boyfriend that is showing signs of being abusive or hateful before you get married. That is not acceptable in any race. Always put your own feelings high up on your priority list and make sure your man does as well.

Myth number five – The family always comes first

This is one thing I can’t seem to debunk. Even after an Asian man marries, his family comes along for the ride. If you marry an Asian man, you can pretty much get used to his family being all up in your business. The Asian man is not going to abandon his family for anyone including the woman that he fell in love with. His family ties are usually very strong and run from the patriarch all the way down to the youngest nieces and nephews. This is also a reason to celebrate an Asian man. You will not find many absentee fathers among the Asian culture, that is for sure.

Myth number six – Asian men are bad in bed / with romance

There are literally thousands of horrible myths about Asian men that are of a sexual nature and pretty much all of them are downright silly. Asian men are not any different than any other men sexually, and can run the gamut of sexual experience. You will find good, bad and indifferent Asian men lovers if you are looking. The various sexual jokes are also just that…jokes.  Asian men have normal size penises, they do know how to make love, they are not all virgins until they are fifty and they are more than capable of being romantic. All of these silly myths and remarks are a product of people that are uninformed bigots. Asian men can be sensitive, thoughtful and loving just like any other man that chooses to be. To say otherwise is simply ridiculous.

Myth number seven – Asian men require children

This is one myth that is largely true. Asian men are programmed to have children from a very young age because they are the ones to continue the bloodline of a family. Family is huge in the Asian world and keeping the family line going is absolutely vital. You have to make sure this happens, so men feel a great deal of pressure to ensure that it happens. They also often get a ton of pressure from their families. When a woman is unable to conceive, adoption is a viable alternative that is being explored more and more these days in Asian culture. If you marry an Asian man, you can be reasonably certain that they will want children.

These myths are not the only ones you might hear about Asian men, but they are certainly the most common. If you have every considered dating an Asian man and stopped short due to these types of myths, you should reconsider. Asian men are very responsible as whole, loving and accepting human beings. Like any group of people, there are good and bad individuals. The sooner we stop pigeon-holing these groups of people, the sooner we can get on with loving one another without restrictions.

Asian Dating Tips

Everyone has different tastes in who they like to date whether they are in the same race or not.  Many people think dating someone different is exotic and they would like to see how it would be to get to know a person who has a different cultural take on life.  If you have always wanted to date someone who is Asian but you are not sure how to break the ice, you may benefit from some tips for Asian dating.  While all people are inherently the same and want to love and be loved, our cultural beliefs and differences can create a challenge.

Even most Asians that are born in the United States have grown up with the beliefs that their parents instilled in them so they may not be like other people you may have met in the past.  In order to be accepted by the family if things work out, you must understand these differences and accept that this is something that will never change.  You have to learn as much as possible about the culture so you do not make mistakes that cannot be taken back or that would end any chance of having a long term relationships with them.  So what are some other tips for Asian dating?

Asian Men

Dating an Asian man can be an interesting proposition and the one thing you will find out about them is that they are very loyal and they love their mothers.  This is a good thing because the way a man treats his mother is the way you will be treated too.  When things start getting deep between you, he will want you to meet his family.  You may not want to eat a few hours before meeting them because his mother will stuff you full of food.  In Asian households it is considered rude not to eat food when it is offered so you may also want to check out some authentic dishes from his country of origin before the dinner.  Also, make sure if you need to burp you do it, it is a huge compliment to the cook to show how satisfied her cooking has made you.

You should also always be ready at least a half an hour before your date is supposed to begin.  One thing that is taught to Asians is to be on time and to never be late.  Again, this is considered rude and your Asian man will never be late if he can avoid it.  He will also not tolerate tardiness in someone he dates so unless it is an absolute emergency, make sure you are always on time when you have a date planned.  That is not to say that there are not times when one of you has no choice but make sure you call enough in advance that it is not a big issue.

Finally, be yourself because if you are not Asian and he is dating you, there is something about you that he wants to be near.  He would not be dating out of his race and culture if he did not like who and what you are so do not try to change it to please him.  Let him learn about your own culture and your own thoughts and beliefs because he is probably curious about every aspect of your life particularly if he comes from a very devout Asian home.  So let him see the real you, if he chooses not to continue the relationship, it is on him, not you.  But if you are really into him, he will appreciate the fact that you have been honest and that you truly want to learn more about his culture while still remaining true to yourself.

Asian Women

As with Asian men, Asian women are very family oriented so any man who wants to date one of these lovely ladies needs to be in good with the family if the relationship is going to work.  While their parents no longer choose their husbands or arrange their marriage at birth anymore, the parents still have a huge say in who they will accept into the family.  If you are not accepted, the chances that the lady will stay with you for a long period of time are very slim indeed.  Be respectful to the mother and speak softly when talking during a family function.  Never use first names in conversation with the parents unless they give you their first names.

You should never attempt to sleep with an Asian lady until she makes the overtures that she is into having sex with you.  Most Asian ladies do not even consider having sex with a man until they are married as this is how they are raised but she may want to be more intimate if she has deep feelings for you.  If you think you want to date an Asian woman simply to see how she is in bed then you should really reconsider because most will not.  Treat her with respect and when she is ready and believes that there is a real relationship she will let her guard down more.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while the mothers in the Asian household are very important, they always defer to the men in the family.  There is a fine line you must walk with her in order to take control of the relationship without being overbearing or controlling.  She will defer to you what restaurant you will go to on a date or let you pick the movie.  Since they are not as outgoing as women from other cultures, you may have some problems with her shyness.  If she wants something, you may have to be patient and talk it out of her.  If you are looking for a wife, you will have a supportive workmate and a mother who cares about her family and her children and will work just as hard as you to make things good.


People are the same all over the world and we all basically want the same things; to be happy, healthy and to have someone that loves who we love.  Even with cultural differences, dating outside of your culture can be a great experience and it can really teach you a great deal about people with different beliefs.  If you want to date an Asian person, then you must first and foremost respect and honor their parents and other family members.  Never talk about them negatively or try to start any drama if you can absolutely help it.  These are not things that are tolerated in Asian families and you will find yourself out in the cold very quickly.

Respect is huge in Asian household so always act respectfully and you will have no problem with the family.  Make sure to be on time when going out on your dates initially to keep both the men and women interested and do not try to have sex too soon.  Learn about their food and other cultural and religious beliefs so you will be ready for anything that happens.  Most of all, stay true to yourself while you are getting to know your Asian date.

Be Cautious of Asian Online Dating Sites That Promote Marriage

Once people know that there is an available niche online they take pains to exploit it in order to make money and bank on unsuspecting visitors.  This is no different with online dating sites and one type in particular is more exploitive than many others.  For the most part, Asian online dating sites are perfectly legitimate and are there to allow people who want to date Asians find matches more easily.  The sad part is that there are just as many of these websites out there that are simply looking to take money from people who are looking to meet an Asian partner.

Before you sign up for an online Asian dating site, there are some things you can do to check out a site to make sure it is legitimate. There are also some steps you can take to protect yourself when sign up for a site so that you are not taken advantage of.  If you follow these tips, you will not have to worry about the match that you make because it will be the real deal. See below on being cautious of Asian dating sites that promote marriage to their clients:

  • Cost to Sign Up – Most online dating sites charge a small fee for people to sign up and have a profile that is searchable.  This fee helps with the screening process and the software that is used to make your matches.  One thing to look out for though is those sites that want you to pay a great deal of money to meet the other singles and that also offer matches for marriage if you pay a higher fee.  These sites are simply attempting to get financial gain through your lack of awareness.
  • Promises of Marriage – If the site comes right out and says that they offer Asian brides then you do not want to sign up at this site.  Even if you really would like to find an Asian partner the fact is that many of these people are brought to this country and are exploited for this purpose.  The cost will be high and you may think that you are marrying one girl just to find out they did a bait and switch on you.  Guess what?  There are no refunds and no consumer alert companies that you can go to in order to file a suit.
  • It is Illegal – Selling brides online or in other ways is completely illegal in this country so you could get into a lot of trouble if you went through with it.  This is because again, many people are here against their will and are not in a position to say no to you because they are so scared.  You may find that not only do you have an unwilling bride, but you may find yourself on the wrong side of a slavery sting.  That is what this is considered, slavery for hire and you have not bought a wife but a slave and again, this is illegal.
  • Unwilling Partner – At the end of the day, most people who want to find love are not looking for an unwilling partner.  You want a person who is wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them.  It can become difficult dealing with a new person that you do not know coming into your home and when you add in the language barrier, you may both be miserable.  You will quickly come to regret your decision to buy an online Asian bride.
  • Seeking Citizenship – Not all of the people that are on Asian online dating sites that promote marriage are unwilling.  Many are simply looking to get citizenship in this country and the easiest way to do this is buying marrying a citizen.  Again, this is illegal because the marriage is not based on love but on getting papers.  You would have to lie to the immigration department in order for your new partner to be accepted as genuine.
  • Runaway Brides – So you made the choice that you do not care about the legality of finding an Asian partner online, it does not bother you that there is a language barrier or that the participant may not be willing or simply wants citizenship.  You want what you want and all caution goes out the window.  Consider this, those who are looking to get citizenship or those who are unwilling will find a way to get away from you if they do not want to be there.  No matter how much money you paid for the right to marry the person, they may simply find a way to leave you.  Your money is gone, your bride is gone and you have no recourse for reclaiming either.
  • Sign Up at Trusted Sites – Those who are not walking on the wrong side of the law may want to know how they can tell if a site is to be trusted or not.  The first thing you can do is sign up for a site that is trusted and that has established a reputation for doing exactly what it is intended to do; find matches for people who are seeking a romance with an Asian person.  You can do this by going online and looking at sites where real people review the dating sites they have been on.  This will tell you about other’s experiences with the site, good and bad and will allow you to make your own decision on whether you want to sign up or not.
  • Be Cautious – While this may seem vague, it is really the best advice you can get.  When you choose the site you are comfortable with and create your profile.  Be cautious about how much you divulge about yourself to anyone.  There are still those people who want to capitalize on your want of an Asian partner and they may use this for financial gain as well.  You may be chatting with a person who says that they would love to meet you but they cannot afford to come where you are.  If you want to meet them too you may be willing to pay and then they disappear and so does your money.

Not all Asian dating sites are the same but if you know how to protect yourself you can avoid the sites that are looking to exploit you and take your money.  Never attempt sign up for a dating site that offers you marriage without ever meeting the person you are matched with.  You should never sign up for a dating site with the sole purpose of getting married to the first person you chat with.  This rarely happens as it takes time to find true love and if that is what you want, you will not get it from a person who is unwilling, does not speak your language, is looking for citizenship only or who wants to gain financially by being with you.  Now this is not to say that the first person you meet will not be the one, but the odds are you’ll have to talk to a few people before you find the one that you really want to be in a relationship with.

Where to Look for Asian Love Online

Many people have a specific type of guy or girl that they are looking for when considering online dating as a way to meet people.  If you have considered an online dating site perhaps you have a specific ethnicity that you would only exclusively date.  If you are Asian and are looking to meet and fall in love with another Asian person or if you not but you would still like to meet Asian people, where would you find them?  There are many online dating sites that offer the members the opportunity to meet and date Asians.

These are called site specific dating sites and are much different than a general dating site is.  Every dating site that is general would have a wide variety of people and ethnicity to search through that would include Asian singles.  So which site is better when you are looking for Asian love online?  Do you stick with a specific dating site or would a general dating site be a better option for you?  The following are the pros and cons of each type of dating site.

Searching – You do spend a great deal of time searching all the profiles to find the people that you would like to meet.  Even if the site is also matching you, you can search through the profiles and see who else is out there looking for romance.  Each site type can come with different issues that should be addressed before you decide the one to use.

  • Specific Site Pro – There is less content to weed through in a site that specifically deals with Asian people so you know that you are not searching through profiles that are worthless to you.  You can search quicker and more efficiently when you have fewer profiles to go through and can find the love match much quicker too.
  • General Site Pro – With the general sites there are typically more people who sign up so the pool of possible matches is much larger.  While it may take you longer to search for the person you want to meet, you have a better chance of finding the right person for you because there are so many people.
  • Specific Site Con – Other than having a smaller pool of people to search from on a specific site, you may also not be happy with the quality of people.  Because there are fewer profiles, they may not be what you are looking for at all and if you paid a fee to search the profiles, then you may have just thrown good money away.
  • General Site Con – Because a general site deals with all ethnicities there may also be a lack of Asians that meet your qualifications for a partner.  This is a con of both sites so it is not much help when it comes to making the final decision but something that should be considered none the less.
  • Specific Site Pro – With fewer people on these websites there is less of a chance that the person who you want to meet is a threat.  You should still proceed with caution no matter what you think about your match while keeping your mind open.  This is not to say that there are no bad people on a specific site but because of the lack of numbers there is also a lower risk.
  • General Site Pro – The larger general sites tend to have a few more safety nets in place and they can afford to offer more protection to their members.  They also have a tougher screening process so their members tend to be safer as well.  Again, you should always exhibit caution any time you meet somebody new before you let them too far into your life.
  • Specific Site Con – On a specific site there may not be as many safety nets in place to protect their members.  These sites make money from advertising and many advertisers choose to work with larger websites so the smaller sites do not have the funds to run background checks or other ways of protecting their members.
  • General Site Con – With all the safety nets in place you may find that you do not even qualify for these sites yourself.  This can be rather disheartening because many require your social security number when running background checks and that includes checking your credit history.  If you have bad credit you are not allowed to sign up.
  • Specific Site Pro – Since you are only searching for Asians you will only have interaction with them.  You can email your match and there probably is some form of instant messaging on the site that you can use for real time chat.
  • General Site Pro – General sites have a bit more financial support than the smaller sites as previously discussed so they have better member interactions available than a specific site would offer.  There are functions that allow you to send a flirt, email, instant message or other communication to a match with just a click of the mouse.  All these methods can be fun ways to get to know the people you are matched with to see if you have the same sense of humor and if you have compatible personalities.
  • Specific Site Con – There really are only two ways to communicate with a match on the specific sites.  You do not have all the other functions that would allow you to get to know your match better without actually getting on the phone with them or meeting them in person.
  • General Site Con – For those who are not used to going online and navigating websites all those extra interaction tools may be confusing.  There can be complications that arise from using the wrong tool for the wrong type of interaction or sending it to the wrong person.  This can not only be embarrassing but it can make those who are hesitant give up on the process entirely.

Safety of the Sites

Member Interaction

With all this information you should now be able to choose which type of site would be perfect for you and your needs for finding the perfect Asian dating site.  Both the specific and general types each have their good and bad aspects so you simply need to decide what is important to you.  Look at what each site has to offer and make a decision when you feel that you have all the information you need.  These pros and cons are not set in stone but are intended for general discussion only.

Each dating site has its own set of rules and offers their customers different things.  Just because an Asian dating site is small does not necessarily mean that there are things like screening measures and financial support have to be of a lower quality.  And alternately, just because a site has a wide variety of members does not mean that the advertising that is paid is being used to protect you while you are online using their site.  Always use your own judgment and be cautious when attempting to meet anyone in real life that you meet online.  After all, just because there is protection in place at the online dating site you use, some bad people do slip through the cracks.